Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Camera :)

It's pretty exciting around here...I've gotten a new camera. A Canon, EOS Rebel T1i 500D. It's a digital SLR and is really beautiful. A friend has lent me a lens to try and I'm just starting to learn functions, etc. The last camera that I really enjoyed was my Canon AE1, 35 mm film camera. It was simple. Basic. I loved it. It was easy to use, everything was aparent, with no menus or complicated settings. A short novel came with the new camera and with some time I hope to be able to take some nice photos, including images for my Etsy stores. So far I've only had one willing model:
He's going to read the manual while I'm at work today and let me know the fundamentals when I get home.

Shop news: I've been busy lately taking some time for vacation and relaxing. I haven't mowed my lawn for about 7 weeks (it's actually not that bad..only in spots). I'm also busy with a personal sewing project that is taking an inordinate amount of time. Soon I will be listing new things in the shop....soon :)