Monday, February 17, 2014

A new look

Over the last year I've been accessing what is worth my time and what is not, when it comes to social media and other internet endeavors. Right now I'm coordinating two Facebook pages, Pinterest, this blog (however neglected it is), two Etsy shops, Twitter, and three email accounts. This is the pared down result of this assessment, and it seems pretty ok to me. I'm hoping this leaves time for producing more work, more art. Speaking of work and art, the shop is busy with lots of custom orders which are actually the result of an excellent 2013 Christmas season. Orders are finally winding down, so soon I'll be able to work on some new things for the shop. One more quilt to go!
In the meantime, you've probably noticed that I've completely redone the look of the shop. After a lot of frustration with some location problems, I've finally found a look that I really love. Quilts are hard to photograph and I've tried lots of different ways, locations, and lighting to get the look I want for them. I'm really happy with the huge garment rack I finally tracked down. That, paired with a wide angle lens for the Canon, has given me a whole new excitement about photographing the quilts.