Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ode to Styxy

Styx (Holyoke, 2004)
My friend, Styx, died yesterday after a brief and sudden illness. She was 13. Instead of reliving the past few weeks and especially yesterday, I want to remember her for all of her coolness and the awesome times we spent together. Styx found me, back in 1998, in Holyoke, in the parking lot behind my old apartment near the Highland Laundry. She was a little, dirty, beat up rag of a kitten and she came scurrying out from under the Highland trucks right up to me. We've been together since. Styx loved her bell toy on a stick with such passion, it was always a sure way to bring her from anywhere in the house. She adored morning scratches on the bed and chasing my hand around under the quilt. She played like a kitten until nearly the end, chasing the laser dot around the house, fetching her bell toy, playing with a new yellow mouse toy, and enjoying the evening can of wet food. She did not like Gromit too much (despite the photo below of them together on the chair and the couch), she didn't tolerate his antics and always hissed at him when he came near. After he passed away two years ago she was happy to be an only cat and blossomed into a very affectionate kitty. She couldn't really meow properly but was very vocal around the house, she'd grumble whenever she entered a room that I was in to announce her arrival, and she'd grumble a little louder whenever she was hungry. She didn't like to be brushed or handled in any way, but loved to have her ears and around her head scratched. I was looking forward to letting her do a little exploring outside this spring and summer, I really thought she'd enjoy that.

It's not even been 24 hours since she's gone, but the house is so obviously empty without her. I missed her on the bed this morning, and asking for breakfast after I came downstairs. There's a gap that her huge presence used to fill. It's amazing how such a tiny little creature can fill up your life so much, or how often they are in your mind throughout the day. I'm going to miss her. She was awesome.

Styx & Gromit (Easthampton, 1995)

Styx shortly after she moved in (Holyoke, 1998). Her hair hadn't grown yet!

A rare moment, probably the first and last time they occupied the stool together

The last photo I took of Styx. (Easthamtpon, January 2010)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

quote of the day

Those in a hurry do not arrive ~ Zen saying

Number 36

Oh how I miss the summer. And Sugarloaf Frostee. And the motorcycle. Just a few short months until the warm weather reappears, but for now the bike sits in sub zero temps in the garage. At least it's not alone. This year it's stored with my friend John's two BMW's in my new garage, so they are keeping each other company. With the new two car garage there's room for everyone. I cannot wait for the first ride of the season. Last year it was in March sometime, and the first long ride was on April 26th to Newport, RI. It was 90 degrees that day...I remember it well. Then it rained until the end of June for the most part. Hopefully we'll have a great riding season this year...already in the plans is a trip to Assateague Island, in Maryland, and some shorter rides with a revisit to Gillette Castle. Talks of Nova Scotia keep cropping up, but no serious plans yet. This year was to be our cross country trip. Maybe. Just maybe.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Something new. Didn't I say I had Valentine's day on the brain the other day? Well, things haven't changed. These really fun soft hearts are in the shop now...they'll also be decorating the RED exhibit display case at the ECA/ECC Gallery for the February 13th Art Walk...cool!
Here's a new table runner too...I forgot how much I like to make these :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Treasury today & inspiration

I'm really happy with this treasury....blue and yellow are so good together. I think I'll just have to put something together in the shop today that reflects this goodness! I'll add it to this post if it comes together. I hope you are all having an excellent, creative, and productive day :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Valentine's Day on my mind

Yikes. I guess it's on my mind. I've been making treasuries (on Etsy) based on Valentine's themes, every time I turn on the sewing machine I'm pulling out the red fabrics. I'm curating a RED exhibit at the Gallery for February's Art Walk. After a year of solitude and singleness, perhaps I'm getting a little more comfortable with the idea of romance.....if I only had time for it...ha!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bitter and cold outside, but nice inside

If you are in New England you know how bitterly cold it is today. The wind is blasting and there are snow drifts across some roads. Yes, I did venture out today for the thrice-weekly trip to Home Depot for more home improvement implements. After that I stayed inside all day and sewed to my heart's content. Here's what went on today: A nice big pile of pot holders and coasters , some eye glass cases and moreOnce in a while I drag out my scrap boxes (I order my scraps by color...makes it easier if I'm looking for a specific color scrap)...anyway, I drag out my scrap boxes and put together some coasters sets. It's a lot of fun and the outcome is always unexpected and surprising. I'll be listing some scrap box coasters in the shop over the next few days.
Here is one set in browns, oranges, etc. and the blue one below is from another set. They really came out nice, I have to say :)

Treasury Update

So many treasuries in the last few days. I've included five here that my work is included in and the last one is one that I put together for WMass Team which is up for one more day. I'd say these treasuries are top notch. If you click on the treasury it will take you to the shop of the person who curated it.
Spongetta rules at making treasuries. Thank you. Ozetta makes another fabulous treasury, she's great at it!
From Team EtsyProjectEmbrace! Thanks, Laura

This one is so pretty...I love the greens.

Friday, January 1, 2010

A new beginning

There is one day each month that the moon rises and the sun sets at approximately the same time. These celestial events are spectacular to see...in the East, the Moon, in the West, the sun. One of the best places to see this is from Goat's Peak on Mt. Tom Reservation. A group of us climb up there each month to celebrate the coolness. (I have to say that I am hard-pressed to walk up the mountain in the dead of winter, but I was convinced by my Sister to go this time....and I'm glad I did....thanks, Leigh!)

Gal leads the way!


Yoshi braves the cold and extreme heights

Definitely thought there'd be more snow

Leigh and Shawn in their AWESOME hats. Cheers!
John sets this thing up every month

The moon through the trees on the way back down.