Thursday, November 17, 2011

Living Design team treasury blitz


Cat portraits and gift ideas for your Kitties

Cat portrait. Isabella - October, 2011

From ScooterKnits on Etsy. I'd love to mash Thomas's head into this knitted pointy number. Oh the humiliation!

Cat portrait: Thomas, September, 2o11

I've purchased some collars from sweetpicklesdesigns. This one is called the Einstein. I had to order a "fat" size for Thomas! I am in no way saying that Thomas is smart like Einstein, because he is not. He's a big, hairy duffus and I love him :)

Cat portrait: Thomas, November, 2011 (it's hard to get an upside down cat to stay still.....say "cheese!")

And check out this knit mouse cat toy from VivaLeChat on Etsy. Only $6! That's a bargain. There might be some of these in the kitties stockings this year. So cute!