Thursday, November 18, 2010

Meanwhile, I teeter on 499 sales!!

It's true, and I feel like I'm reaching a big milestone with the shop, and of course, want to have an excuse to get excited and celebrate...even if it's something small and only means a lot to me :) You guys get it! My next sale will mark my 500th sale in my quilt shop! Yay!

Meanwhile, my wonderful and most excellent friend, Jeff Derose, has taken some photos of some of my quilts in a gorgeous field in Amherst, MA. Nicole, at Lillyella had so kindly interviewed me for a featured spot on her blog, so I needed some really nice shots of the quilts, and an actual photograph of me to include. Thanks, Jeff :) Check out his websites. It's great to get someone else's perspective on your work, and hiring a professional photographer is pretty amazing. I highly recommend it, because they really see things that you just do not. Or, as in my case, I have a certain way that I photograph my items, for consistency in the shop and all that. Anyway, here are some of the photos from that shoot... enjoy!


  1. Beautiful quilts! And congrats on sale number 500, which I'm sure you'll have soon...if you don't already!!! :-)