Sunday, July 31, 2011

In season

It is my opinion that one should eat as many blueberries as possible during the season. Today, we made our second blueberry pie. We should be on our fifth by now at least, so we are definitely behind schedule. I keep buying the fresh berries from one of the at least 10 places that grow them within two miles of my house, but we have been eating them directly. I did manage to make blueberry scones, but it wasn't worth mentioning here.

This year we are making our blueberry pie according to the Cook's Illustrated Blueberry Pie recipe and using their Foolproof crust. This is the single best crust I have ever made, or consumed, for that matter. You have to try it. It's worth following every instruction to the detail in the Cook's recipe, including using vodka alongside the normal water. You can read about the science behind using the vodka in the magazine, but I don't see it anywhere on this link. This is one of the reasons I love Cook's Illustrated so much...they really get into the science behind their reasoning, and explain the methods of testing they used to get to the final version.


  1. Good-looking pie Briana! I have a crust recipe that I like a lot, but I also trust Cook's Illustrated so I'll look that up. This is the first year that the birds got the blueberries before we did, so I need to find a source.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I've really been trying to push myself into fully homemade baking :)


  3. Impressive..and delicious looking. Berkshire clueberries, too.