Thursday, January 5, 2012

BTaylor Quilts Video

My video, created by Jeff Derose of One Match Films. I asked him to create a short film about my creative work, which includes quilting and painting. It was especially important to me at this time, because I had been preparing for an exhibit at the Springfield Museum of Fine Arts here in Massachusetts, and wanted to document that. At the same time, I had recently resigned from my job as Coordinator of Easthampton City Arts and was embarking on a new adventure...self employment, focusing soley on my painting and sewing.

It felt like the right time to make the video, with all these important events converging, and it became apparent that it was a good way to get the word out about what I am doing. Making the video has been such a great experience and I discovered things about myself and my work that I hadn't even expected. After recording several interviews, Jeff took all the raw footage, my voice, and stills that he had taken, and wove the narrative and images to create this story. I would have had no idea how to put this together, and I'm so happy with the results. This is why we hire the professionals!


  1. What a great video!! Oh if only we could all afford to have that kind of exposure!..Enjoy your new exposure! I'm proud to own a little bit of your art work (won as a free gift). :-) Those are cards that won't ever be sent. They will be framed art in my house...Not a gallery, but for me...close enough. ^_^

  2. Wonderful introduction to your beautiful artwork, Briana! Jeff did a great job in giving a feeling of your paintings and your quilts.