Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cat Canoe, and another cool thing

What's a Cat Canoe?   Only the coolest cat invention there ever was.  Jennifer over at TheCatBall on Etsy created this amazing cat accoutrement and she should be commended!  Yay!  As you can see, one size fits all:

Well, mostly anyway :)

Thomas does fit in it, actually, if he lays in it the right way.  He's a cat with his own agenda, however, and always manages to think outside the box.

We need to get two more.  The musical Cat Canoe is sometimes a little stressful and jealousy causes some bad feelings.  

We were also visited by this Barred Owl the other day.  Here he/she is just outside of our bedroom window in the river birches.  This was right around 5 p.m.   I was just saying the other day that I'd never seen a live, wild, in the wild owl.  One thing I noted, was this particular owl had one raised eyebrow and was the fluffiest, cleanest bird I've ever seen.


  1. so glad to have rediscovered your blog (am trying to rediscover mine-post more!) and meanwhile saw these lovely kitties and the beautiful barred owl! Heavenly photos.And when you said we need two more (I guess you mean cat canoes and not two more cats!? Hugs

  2. Your kitties have a nice window spot, and I bet they love watching the world from up there!

    I laughed when I read that the "musical Cat Canoe" is stressful. I know exactly what you mean! Isn't funny how territorial they get about this bed? I do not recall cats being so territorial about beds before, and I get feedback over and over again that they will not share! Thanks for your fun post and funny photos!