Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to me Giveaway! Tell me what you'd do :)

To celebrate my birthday this year, I want to have a giveaway surprise! Next Tuesday, the 27th at Noon, I'll be holding a drawing for this set of pot holders. Read on for details.

I want to share this bit of inspiration: A few years ago I read about a local woman who had recently passed away. She had died at the age of 100. They quoted her in the article..... "If I had known I was going to live this long I would have started taking violin lessons when I was 60. I would have been playing the violin for 40 years."

Painting by Tali from Tush Tush

THIS is important. As I get older I try to remember this quote. We just don't know how long we've got, so why not do those things that we've always wanted to do. It's not too late. Even if you might think it's silly. Who knows, you might have another 40, 50..... 70 years to live. Do what you love.

So now, to be in my birthday giveaway, and with this quote in mind, all you have to do is tell me what you would do or what you've always wanted to do. (Oh, and follow my blog and/or Facebook page!) Would you travel? Where to? Would you give money away? Would you buy yourself a new toy, or violin lessons? If it's a bunch of things, list 'em!


  1. Happy almost birthday! I think that is a great quote/story, and one that I will be remembering as well. I am looking forward to pursuing my master's degree in Teaching English as a Second Language in the next few years. My hubby is currently finishing his Master's degree, and once he finishes it will be my turn :o) With that I will be pursuing a dream of mine. I follow your blog!

  2. I would write a book -- and I've started working on it. Someday it'll be finished. :-)

  3. Wow. What seems to be an easy question to answer- is really hard! Several small things-learn to quilt and make my boys wonderful keepsakes for their kids when i'm gone... Also I would love to be able to sit down, pickup a guitar and start playing..... Those are small things- I could do them:). BTW I have a pair of your potholders and they are my favoite. I would love another- thanks for your kindness!

  4. What a great quote! Such a hard question! I think I would learn another language and travel :)

    I started following your blog!

  5. Hi Bre: Happy Birthday a bit ahead..and thanks for a lovely quote and giveaway idea.I do follow your blog..and the things I want to do are those I'm doing now-continue to learn Italian and speak it well.connect with people I care about and admire, .and continue to make art and follow my evolving process!

  6. I have always wanted to skydive; though I'm kind of afraid of heights, it would be quite a feat! But maybe...

  7. Happy, happy birthday... soon to come! And what a great way to celebrate! (LOVE the potholders!) The quote you shared is a wonderful way to look at life and aging, much better than groaning at how old we are getting! Since I'm a simple person, I don't require much... not a traveler, not an adventuresome girl. So what I want to do is take fiddle lessons which I've been thinking about for three years now, and I also want to take guitar lessons to improve my playing for when I do solo gigs. And of course, I want to continue living in contentment, sharing what I have with others... be it art, music, garden goodies, companionship or just an ear to listen and help when I can. And so glad you made the post on the EPE thread so I can follow your blog! Thanks.

  8. Yes, very thought provoking... there are a million things I'd like to do.... dye my hair blond, buy some horses, expand my animal sanctury is a small start :O)

  9. I will be 70 this year, and if I knew I had another 30 years to go, I would work harder at making a difference in this world. I just finished reading "Three Cups of Tea" and now I know that one person can...

  10. happy birthday Bre! ( almost);)

    This quote certainly is straight to the point for me, I always think i am to old for the things I really want to do. However this i tell myself since 25 years old...
    it's a destructive thing I guess.

    -be like madonna, sing and perform
    -learn french
    -play gitar (I have one covered with dust)
    -pursue a career in architecture ( my son came along and I took a long pause. )
    -learn chinese
    -my work on the runway at fashionweek nyc

  11. Happy almost birthday! Excellent quote! I would continue making pottery but would love to go to Japan and study under one of the masters there. Also want to take dulcimer lessons!

  12. Happy Birthday, Bre!!! What a fabulous way you've chosen to celebrate! Let's see ...
    Learn French,
    Take a gourmet cooking class or two (or 10),
    Try my hand a sculpting ...
    Hey, I'm feeling inspired to do them all and lots more too!
    I'm already a follower of your blog and soon will be on Facebook too!
    xoxo Mollie

  13. I'd learn to play ice hockey, learn to unicycle, buy a Harley, learn to knit (mostly for sculpture, but maybe some hats and scarves too), learn to cook amazing gourmet food, diligently reserve several hours per week for being in my studio, sing and play guitar more, learn sitar and banjo, and I'd travel the world (I've still never been out of the U.S.).

  14. Happy Birthday! I think I would travel to find where my ancestors lived. I would love to find new relatives and discover the culture that shaped me.

  15. Felice Cupleanos! Take Tap dance lessons, learn to play the piano, be a Foster mother, visit China, Australia, Ireland and Russia.

  16. happy birthday to you! if i could go back and do it all again, i'd have quit my day job a LONG time ago. and i would have found more ways to travel more places on less.


  17. Happy Birthday Bre!I love the story and wholeheartedly believe that we never have to put off or let go of what we wish to do in our lives.
    I intend to:
    - Learn Italian
    - Live in Italy for a year some day
    - Take my first 100 mile ride on my bike soon
    - Ride my bike across Oregon
    - Go on a long bike trip with my daughter
    - Travel somewhere exotic with my son
    - donate more of my time and energies to my community


  18. Hi everyone! I'll be doing the drawing during my lunch with my good friend, John. I'll have him pull the name :)

    I'll post the winner hopefully before my 1:30 meeting!!