Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Spring ~ Happy Easter

It's quiet around here today. Only thing stirring is the rooster at the farm across the street. Well, the cows are up too, but other than that not a car has gone by and it's nearly 9 a.m. I love holidays for this. That sense of the world has stopped for a moment and everything has that muffled quietness about it. To celebrate the quiet and sheer wonderfulness, I wanted to share a couple of items from artisans in my Etsy Project Embrace team. Enjoy the quietude!

"Don't Wake Me if I'm Dreaming" Photo by Lori H.

Cottage Rose Plates by 5gardenias

Wedding Jar in Vanilla Tears Design by dbabcock


  1. Thank you, Briana! I hope you have a wonderful Easter, too! - Deb

  2. This is lovely, Bre! Happy Easter!
    xoxo Mollie

  3. bre --what a wonderful spring collection- thanks big bunches for adding my vintage shop to the mix!
    hope you had a wonderful easter weekend!



  4. i absolutely adore your etsy shop and blog. i love your quilted coasters and you've posted so many wonderful things here. i can't wait to stop back again and see more of your work :) thank you for being so inspiring!

    best wishes to you!