Friday, September 2, 2011

30 days of lists

Join 30 Days of Lists

After my huge success with The August Break 2011 (LOL) I've decided to participate in 30 Days of Lists (sept. 2011)! I signed up for this one a while ago and got caught up in the excitement and challenge of posting a list every day in September based on a given theme.

You can still sign up by clicking on the link above, it's only day 2 after all, and I haven't even made my first list! I'm thinking that my lists might happen once a week (all 7 of them), given that my time is in high demand these days. There is a tiny subscription fee, I think it was $5.95 or something like that, but well worth the fun and challenge it gives for the cost.

I still haven't really figured out if it is ok if it's a blog/digital list. They have a flickr page that people are using to place photographs of their journal entries of their lists! Not sure if that's my cup of tea....or if I actually have time for it right now. So, mine just might be a blog entry. We'll see.

It's still early, the day is just beginning. Enjoy it everyone!

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