Thursday, September 1, 2011

And the Winner is.........

PoetessWug!!! Woooooo!

I'm sorry it's so late in the day, but my day was hijacked by errands, traffic, frustrating situations, and much more. I've just gotten home and managed to get to the's 7:00 p.m.! I bet you were all wondering where the heck I was. Well, traffic with UMass move in day was a nightmare for one. Ok, I'll stop complaining.

Poetess, I will email you, or just come on over to your blog and let you know too! I'll be putting the bag in the mail to you tomorrow :) Yay!



  1. How Fabulous!!!!!!! :-] I can't wait to get it too!!!! So pretty!!! YAY! I'll have something you made in my house!!!! :-) No worries, I'll be a good custodian. Thank you so much!!!

  2. I just need your shipping address! email it to me at (at) gmail (dot) com