Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bitter and cold outside, but nice inside

If you are in New England you know how bitterly cold it is today. The wind is blasting and there are snow drifts across some roads. Yes, I did venture out today for the thrice-weekly trip to Home Depot for more home improvement implements. After that I stayed inside all day and sewed to my heart's content. Here's what went on today: A nice big pile of pot holders and coasters , some eye glass cases and moreOnce in a while I drag out my scrap boxes (I order my scraps by color...makes it easier if I'm looking for a specific color scrap)...anyway, I drag out my scrap boxes and put together some coasters sets. It's a lot of fun and the outcome is always unexpected and surprising. I'll be listing some scrap box coasters in the shop over the next few days.
Here is one set in browns, oranges, etc. and the blue one below is from another set. They really came out nice, I have to say :)

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