Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Number 36

Oh how I miss the summer. And Sugarloaf Frostee. And the motorcycle. Just a few short months until the warm weather reappears, but for now the bike sits in sub zero temps in the garage. At least it's not alone. This year it's stored with my friend John's two BMW's in my new garage, so they are keeping each other company. With the new two car garage there's room for everyone. I cannot wait for the first ride of the season. Last year it was in March sometime, and the first long ride was on April 26th to Newport, RI. It was 90 degrees that day...I remember it well. Then it rained until the end of June for the most part. Hopefully we'll have a great riding season this year...already in the plans is a trip to Assateague Island, in Maryland, and some shorter rides with a revisit to Gillette Castle. Talks of Nova Scotia keep cropping up, but no serious plans yet. This year was to be our cross country trip. Maybe. Just maybe.

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