Friday, August 19, 2011

August 19 - chicks, eggs, a couple things I like, and my September Giveaway

My Sister has chickens. These were they....when they were wee. She just gave me 6 eggs! The little cluckers are laying their first eggs....sweet!

For August Break, 2011

I bought this (below) from Whatnomints! Can't wait to hang it in my's going right next to my sewing machine :)

I Love this piece from Chanabean

I am also loving this yarn from SunriseFiberCo
Also, do not forget that I am holding a September Giveaway! <----see details at this link! You can win this tote/project bag by following this blog and leaving a comment! You can also Like my btaylorquilts Facebook page and leave a comment here....two ways to win!


  1. Awwww! What sweet little chicks...and cute finds too!

  2. Adorable chicks..I can see why people love to raise them..lovely picks below the chicks...and lucky me I already won a giveaway a while will cheer on some other fortunate winner!

  3. Thanks you guys! My Sister loves her chickens! I just read a short in the new McSweeney's #38 about chicken raising in Ireland...a battle breaks out between these three women over the's a riot. I'm copying it and sending it to my Sister...she'll love it.