Friday, August 26, 2011

Ya, just in case is right

From Nasa - check out this site for more awesome photographs
I don't know about you, but one of the most annoying things to suffer is a power outage (well, I'm sure there is a lot fact I know it, but right now I'd be annoyed with a power outage)....Especially if it goes on for more than a day and you have well water and sew in your basement for a living. If you don't know why the well thing plays in, it's because you need electricity to actually pump the water out, and so, no water with no power. Of course you can fill up your tub, fill up spare containers, buy water at the store, but this won't give you the usual hot shower in the morning, which I have kind of grown to love. I don't know about you.

Anyway, I'm reading all the info on, checking out our local tv stations to see if they really think this thing is going to create any significant damage. Turns out Patrick Deval has declared a state of emergency already for Massachusetts and Springfield has already canceled school for Monday. Really? And even worse, my Sister and I were at the mall today and the Gap girl told us that The Gap was not even going to open on Sunday....just in case. Gasp! I guess it really IS a dangerous storm. The Gap not open. Cripes!

So, busy person that I am, I'm planning a no power plan of attack. I've got a great new book about the Quilters of Gee's Bend ready,(Jeff just gave it to me!) the new Smithsonian Magazine and Wired. (I've got new batteries in the flashlight too), and I'm making a bunch of items that require handsewing.... mostly the nesting bowls. I'll have plenty to do if we actually do lose power for a week like the Western Mass Electric Company is telling people. It's true, they are calling their customers and telling them to be ready for power outages that could last up to a week. I hope not. Be safe everyone, and don't go plan on going to The Gap on Sunday.

I'm not planning on posting again until after Monday when this all blows over. See you Tuesday :)


  1. Yeah, I'm trying to plan for the power outages too. Crocheting, batteries in the radio, reading to do, Scrabble with the hubby, and snacks!! :-)) I think the snacks will be the nervous focus for the worst part of the storm. We'll see about the other stuff afterwards!!...Be safe neighbor!!!

  2. ya, I have a great knitting project too, so I'm all set. We play Bananagrams...have you guys played this? It is an awesome game if you like word games. Highly recommend. We are going to go out in a few minutes to get snacks and some stuff for lunch/dinner/tomorrow, etc. Don't have a lot of food "nervous snacking" in the house. Have to put the cars in the garage, lawn furniture, pick up some stuff around the yard, etc. Fun, fun! You be safe too. Hopefully it weakens before it gets here. Buckle up!

  3. By the way, I heard of Bananagrams, but never played it...I don't think anyway. And that's amazing considering my LOVE of word games!...And get ready! Another hurricane...'Katia'...may be heading our way soon! O_O I'm hoping she turns away, but she's definitely strengthening...UGH!