Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Special Order

I've just moved, and with this I realize that there is a special order to everything. My well laid out, efficient home is completely disrupted and it seems like it takes me twice as long to do normal things. Mostly it's because I cannot find anything. I'm slowly unearthing things, but today it was the pin cushion with the needles I like to use. I could easily find the other pin cushion, but the one I wanted was elusive. Well, I couldn't work unless I found the thing so 26 boxes later I found it and happiness resumed.
Speaking of special orders, I had a request come in yesterday and while I was waiting for the plumber to arrive I had gotten a good start on the project. Low and behold I finished it today and it's ready to go. It is a wine tote...perfect for a really nice wine gift or for carrying your own bottle to the dinner party.

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