Sunday, February 14, 2010

Home Improvement Project #2 - Bathroom


A built in medicine cabinet with three mirrors had to go.
Here's a nice shot of the old vinyl flooring. It matched the tiles, but didn't do anything for the room. Plus it seemed dirty all the time.
Here's the old sink cabinet, which stuck out from the wall about 23 inches. It was really hard to get up close to the mirror to put on mascara...honestly, who needs that!
Another shot of the old sink cabinet, just so you can really get a good look at it. Also, the old soap dish, toothbrush holder, and towel rack are now gone. I had never chiseled tiled off of walls before, at least strategically, but it wasn't too hard, just a bit scary, not knowing if I'd really be able to replace the tiles properly. There was a box of replacement tiles left in the basement workbench, and they worked nicely.
The sink's been ripped out. Yay!
The new floor going in. Roy, from National Carpet, installed the floor. He's a master and has been doing it for 30 years.
My Brother-In-Law, Shawn, is back to the rescue and installs the sink plumbing for the new sink cabinet. It's amazing, the cabinet has drawers and all the plumbing fits behind this. He's a genius!
See how this all fits so nicely!
The floor is pretty dark, but I love it. It's made to look like slate. Not easy to get a good look at it in this photo. Perhaps I'll have to add another photo with a better shot of the floor? I kept the cabinet over the toilet because it helps to lessen the look of the toilet in the room. Otherwise, the toilet dominates the space...not truly a desireable thing.
The new sink cabinet! It's so great with the two drawers...the sink is wonderful. Has two faucets ~ wheeee!
And here is the new medicine cabinet. Given the depth of the sink, which is way less than the old one, only 19 inches, it is way easier to see yourself in the mirror. Not to mention that the mirror is significantly bigger too. Notice the tiling behind the faucets! It looks so great without the toothbrush holder, and other stuff. It's a nice, smooth wall now. Got some new metal miniblinds as well. They are silver and look so great in the room with the grays. I had demo'd the old mirror cabinet out of the wall and contemplated sheetrocking the space it left. For now the new cabinet hangs directly over the old hole until I can get to that project. Only thing left to do is paint the closet doors with all those slats. They are washed and ready to go. Oh, and the old light above the cabinet is still there...haven't found a replacement that I like yet.

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