Saturday, February 20, 2010

Knit and crochet slippers from natalya1905

On a quest for the perfect slipper. I really like to wear slippers in the winter. Sometimes a slipper with a rubber sole is good, ya know, when you need to run outside to grab the mail or bring the trash out. What I really wanted was a slipper that was soft, warm, comfortable, and that I could sew with. It's nice when you can feel the presser foot of your machine, and honestly, stocking feet are just not warm enough in Massachusetts.

I purchased this pattern from Natalya1905 a few weeks ago. Since then, I've made a pair and am well into my second pair (for my Sister...although hopefully she won't read this before she gets them :) If she does, then "Surprise!!" You're gettin' a pair.) And you are lucky, because now I've perfected the pattern and know just how to keep them on your feet.

In my first attempt, the heel was too low and the back kept slipping off of my foot. So I got out the crochet needle again and stitched another two rows around the heel and actually decreased the stitch to bring the heel in more....Presto! Stays on my feet no problemo. So here's a photo of the Sister's slippers in production. The photo above looks more purple than they actually are. The photo below is more accurate, (that is if you see a more red toned yarn on your monitor :), although more blurry.....

That's right. You do see four soles in the photo above, because you make two for each foot so the bottom is nice and cushiony for your little feeets. All-in-all it's been a great pattern to make. I plan on bringing it to jury duty with me on Monday so I have something productive to do. I don't think they'd allow me to bring my sewing machine in to quilt my current quilt. LOL.


  1. So, what actual adjustments are you making on the second pair? I may get this pattern myself. Also, is this a beginner, intermediate or advanced pattern? An inquiring mind wants to know. :) thanks.

  2. Hi Rebeca,
    thanks for asking :)
    The only thing I did was after I had completed the slippers in their entirety, and assembled them, I used a size "I" crochet hook and crocheted two or three rows along the back of the heel. I skipped over some of the stitches so that the new rows were "tighter" up on the heel. I hope this helps.
    Your question on level is a good one. I consider myself an expert knitter and a so-so crocheter. I'm probably more beginner crocheter than anything. I did have to take some time considering certain aspects of the crochet part pattern that were a little tricky to follow, but managed to get it complete and looking like the actual slipper in the photo. The knitting was cake. If you have questions just search on line for instructional videos for certain stitches that you are not familiar with. There are plents. AND Natalya, I'm sure, would definitely assist if you had any issues :)
    Hope this helps!

  3. Wonderful slippers you're going to have! Just wonderful! I like the color, and your skills show, of course.

    As for the hel part, I recommend to make a row with a smaller hook, just to prevent the problem. :)

    I'm working on new patterns now, so you're welcome to check my shop again!

  4. Thanks so much, Natalya! I'm almost done with the slippers and I'll try to post a photo when I'm finished. I did make myself a pair in a really dark purple and they are too dark to photograph nicely. I'll definitely be checking out your shop from time to time to follow your new patterns. :)

  5. update on the slippers. The pair for my Sister have come out too small! Same yarn...maybe I wasn't paying attention and used a smaller needle. Oh well, I have some friends with smaller feet!