Friday, February 12, 2010

Pretty Great Friends ~ and a Good Cause

I've recently been mentioned in a couple of really great blogs. Rose, of Waterrose included a nice piece about Etsy Project Embrace, which is an amazing group of Etsy artisans who have teamed together to support the American Cancer Society. Inspired by Laura Slocum of LauraSlocumpainted, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last year, this group is a driving force on Etsy. Waterrose is also an Etsian and makes fantastic embrodered items.

foxglove studios

Stacy, over at foxglove studios has a great blog all about handmade art and craft. She supports Etsy Project Embrace and her shop items can be found in several different platforms. See her blog to find links to all of her wonderful work, just click on her banner below.

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  1. You are talented AND sweet! It was a pleasure to blog about your beautiful work.

    Have a wonderful weekend,