Friday, February 19, 2010

More Etsy loves and a new Kitty friend

More things that I'm loving....I also have to say that the photography is top notch as well:
From margaretwozniak 's Etsy shop. Wow, I really love this little cat. When I first saw the photo I thought it was larger, but it is 3 1/2" high. Reminds me of the Pre-Columbia pottery I studied in college. Something about the shape of it.

I adore these shoes too! From HydraHeart's shop. Too bad I'm saving my pennies to have my kitchen floor replaced...darnit.

In Other News:

I guess I haven't been sleeping that well, because I've been having these dream filled nights. Could be because I have a new little friend in the house. If you've read older posts, you know that my beloved kitty, Styx, passed away recently. Immediately I thought that I'd not get another cat, after suffering the loss of her, and three years prior, the loss of Gromit, my most ever favorite kitty. It was not to be so though. I had to go to the mall and bumped into a kiosk there from the local shelter (Daikin), and a little kitty's photo stopped me in my tracks. His name was Jaxon and it took me a week to track him down. Turned out he'd gotten a cold at the Leverett shelter and was transferred to Springfield. When I finally saw him it was love at first sight. Having a hard time with his name. I've been thinking of naming him Muad'Dib (pronounced Moo-aw Deeb), from Herbert's Dune . Basically, it means "desert mouse" in the novel. He's very mischievous and gets into everything! I'm not sure yet though.

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