Sunday, June 15, 2008

Church Street canvas shaping up

After a couple of days work, making a little more progress on the Church Street canvas. At least getting the major areas of color laid out. I still need to print out a swatch from the sofa, because I intend to use either that color or something complimentary in the big umbrella in the foreground. You can see the paint chip hanging from the top of the canvas, the lightest color "Litchefield Grey" is the wall color, so I'm working the steeple and probably the foreground sidewalk to be of like color. I came pretty close mixing up the color and painted some right on the chip, it was sooo close. I've added a couple of new figures in the distance, a father and son holding hands and walking towards the back. The boy is about one step behind father, and I've tried to shape the father's head so that it looks like he's talking about something to the right and the boy looks in that direction. It's not too hard to create gestural emphasis on figures that are larger when they lack detail, but the smaller the figure the more difficult it becomes. They are not even close to being completely finished, so there's more work to be done there.
It was kind of dark at the studio when I took these photos...they are definitely not as bright as the canvas truly is. More work on it tomorrow!

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  1. This brings back memories! I'm amazed at how well you are replicating your original effort. Hope it ends up being well worth your while. Are you going to deliver it in person or ship it? Also, where did you get that canvas? It looks well-braced.