Sunday, June 29, 2008

Crafty in Easthampton

In a previous post I made a big list of Easthampton Etsyers These folk are pretty talented. I especially love fernanimals work and check her shop all the time for new critters. I'm thinking now of starting an Easthampton Street Team on Etsy. I've just emailed zerkahloostra (see her eyeball kid digital camera case) to see about joining the Western Mass Street team, which would be fab, but hey, we've got talent here in E'town I'm saying.

I've been busy in the sweatshop creating some new items for the shop. For example, check out these eyeglass cases! I'm making two different types, one that closes with a button, the other is just basically a slip in type case. I wish I had time to make one for myself!


  1. ooh, at first i thought you ment easthampton, LI, NY, thats right near me! i got excited for a minute!
    your easthampton looks great!
    mary jane

  2. Thanks, mary jane! I haven't been to Easthampton, LI, NY, but I've been on LI. Maybe we should do an art exchange project!