Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Underpainting on the Church Street canvas

Finally put some paint on this canvas. It felt really good to start thinking about colors and putting down a first wash of paint. And while I've made this image before, I'm now considering a variation in colors to go with the room it will eventualy be placed in.
Here's the Benjamin Moore swatch of color that is on the wall -------->
Litchfield Grey
I also have an image of a Crate & Barrel sofa that resides in the room. It's a nice light turqouise/slate color. These are probably the main colors within the space, so I'm going to try to include a few areas that will work to tie in with these two colors. I think the shots of intense color, like the red umbrellas and the dark pink shadow of the wall of the far left building will really be nice punches of color. I've decided I'll tone down the original royal blue of the umbrella in the foreground to be somewhat on the shade of the sofa and then also the smaller umbrellas on the left, a variation of that same hue. It'll be pretty nice, I think! The sky is already shaping up.

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