Sunday, June 22, 2008

Church Street - progress on Sunday

These are not the best photographs, given the light and situation, they say what they need to. Progress is being made...slowly but surely. I really had a hard time getting myself to the studio today. A really big storm blew through earlier with hail and more lightning than I've seen in a long time, and then torrential downpours that caused some minor flooding in the street. Finally, dragged myself out of the sweatshop and headed over to Cottage Street, where the scene wasn't any better. It was at least an hour after the storm had gone through and there was flooding in the building down on the second floor.

I remember being in studio 304, in the front of the building. In 2006 there was this! Apparently something similar happened again today, as the hallway by the PO Boxes and outisde of Riverside's Art Room was wet and someone was right around the corner with a shop vac running.

Yuck. I hope nothing was wrecked.

The canvas just a few days ago.

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