Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Dream I was shopping

It's true, I had a dream filled night. Other than shopping I remember being in an airplane, and I had to lie down back in the tail section. When the plane landed my feet scraped the tarmac, weird. More pleasant than flying with one's feet out of the tail end of a plane, I also dreamed about shopping. Not grocery shopping, but fun shopping, and I know it's all because of Etsy, where I spend ungodly amounts of time browsing the works of fellow artisans and listing my own handmade things.

Here are a few favorite things I've seen this week that I really like: Senor Gato by MarianneW . He likes to ride motorcycles...well, then he's in my club!

These Love Quote earrings by littlebrownbird. Which way do you read these? Her question first? His statement first? I like them.

So, I actually DID buy something this week! I finally saved enough pennies to get myself an original Ozetta warmer! I didn't get the one shown above, but that's the color I ordered. If you want to see the style I ordered look here. Can't wait to get it! I've been admiring Ozetta's work for so long now. I own some of her Mom's kitchen dishclothes from CocoaBeans too :) I wrote about her shop back in November of 2008!! I still have the dishclothes, they are amazing!


  1. Don't you just love dreams like that? I'm so honored that you featured my earrings! Thank you!

  2. Love littlebrownbird's Love Quotes - so original!

  3. Sweet! Senor Gato sends his love.

  4. Hey Bre! Cool post. Also liked your bathroom remodel, you are very ambitious! Do you watch HGTV like Jenn does... all the time! I like your new sink and faucets - i've never seen a sink like that, pretty cool!! Well, i'd say... "keep busy", but you already are........ hahaha~ laura xxoo
    Cocoa Beans soaps are very nice as well............... and Ozetta is a real sweetheart - they are good friends :D

  5. Thanks everyone, for your comments! Laura, I used to watch HDTV with my Mom a lot...she LOVED it. Not so much anymore though, given that I've got way too much to do in my own house! I love my new sink too, I can brush my teeth and the cat sits on the other side watching and playing with the water.
    I know, Ozetta and her Mom are some of the first friends I made on Etsy, along with you, Jenn, and Kelley. I love all of you ~ hugs & kisses back

  6. I guess if you sat around watching tv... you wouldn't get anything done! haha!